The Cowra Library has a much more attractive facade these days as you can see by this photo taken at the start of spring. It used to be covered by rampant trees and leaves, surrounded by litter, broken woodwork and water seepage with peeling paint work and overgrown, neglected gardens and bins. The windows were dirty and covered in advertising material and the ground never swept.

But now, after Kevin, the Cowra Council have been coerced into keeping clean the outside of the Library and maintaining the building, which has made a huge difference to the main facade and entrance. Roof leaks and blocked drains have been fixed, painting has commenced on external woodwork and they are considering the entrance doors. We have discussed signage for the front windows as well. The existing signage makes it pretty obvious what is in Waulgoola House but where is the Library entrance? I think cut grass and neat flower beds have helped make this an attractive entry to a Council building.

Cowra Library from the Street

I’d love to hear what other have been up to.

Carol E

You can see I’m trawling through all the bits and pieces on my desk as suddenly I’m blogging about our makeover again! – must be inspired by our Ros ūüôā

I wanted to share this photo of the Library at Leominster in Herefordshire, England in June. The building’s a bit bland but I really like the way that the building is simply branded ‘The Library’.

Leominster Library Herefordshire

This is carried through on other signage.

Nice and clean with all the important details clearly displayed. Must say the customer service here was pretty special too – I made sure I wrote a letter when I got home congratulating them on it. It’s all part of being a good colleague.

So as we start our branding process this is something to think on. I’d be interested in your comments.


Having trained him well, when our esteemed¬†Director, Michael Milston, visited the US¬†he took a couple of library type photos at the Greenville County Library¬†South Carolina¬†. I particularly like this image of a book sale area operated by the Library’s friends. If you look you can see it¬† can be closed¬†off by way of the doors at top and bottom (the top ones retract). Could be useful for other collections as well.


I also love the wording on the sign, so genteel … but is it us?

Hope you’re having a great day.



I know that signs should be clear and have instructions that are quick to read but this one did catch my eye for the wrong reasons. What were they thinking? Not thinking? In a building that had great attention to detail, did they really need to associate the comfort stop directions with other customer service functions?

Then there’s the ambiguity. Does one need a ticket for the toilet? I proved this to be untrue but as it was Saturday and the customer service desk was unattended, it could have been a long wait. The sign at the actual spot was far more discreet and more easily missed by the distressed.

 What would Kevin think? What would Kevin say?

Next time you walk to a shelf, a trolley or go into your library from outside take note of your signs. Any handwritten? Out of date? Blank face to the outside? Looking tacky? ¬†Liberal with the ‚Äúdo nots‚ÄĚ? If so, fix it! If not, well done for maintaining the page.

Bring me an ottoman!


The Orange Ottomen, who are actually blue, have found some new friends who just like to lounge around and read, chat or surf (when nearest the powerpoints).

They have also managed to move around a bit to vary the view. Clever Ottomen.

Here at last. They will look so much better when their plastic coats are removed. Bring on the unveiling!

Do you remember what Kevin said about helping people to find where you are and how to get in? I was very impressed by the comments from Branch staff about the photos shown at the meeting. I’m sure none of our locations have such a well disguised front door as the National Library of France Francois Mitterand building.

How would you like to show where your front door is?


I am about to order new “Kevin” chairs and 2 ottoman (or should that be ottomen) for the Junior Section in Orange. Hopefully we will be all new & fabulous by the end of February 2010 … the chairs take 5-7 weeks & then there is Christmas/New Year thrown into the mix


Hi Everyone

Kevin said a whole lot of things and we’ve all been busy trying to put some of these in place. It’s been great to hear from some of you about the steps you’re taking. I know it can be daunting to move outside of the everyday and I know it can be hard to fit it all in but a team like us can do ANYTHING!

I visited Cowra¬†on Wednesday and was blown away by what they’ve already achieved and Orange is weeding like there’s no tomorrow.

This blog allows us to share our journey.

First things first – what would you like to call it? As an interim measure I’ve called it CWLMakeover but I’m sure we can come up with something more exciting than that – and yes, there will be a prize! Test your blogging skills by adding a comment of even writing a post!

I look forward to hearing from you.


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